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Arielle Pham

Love the Scent

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I am finally found my favorite baby wash/shampoo for my kids. It really helps calm them down and make them fall asleep easier and faster. The aroma is light but really calming. The product is not that foamy and rinses off real fast within a second with no residue left at all. It's also a great face wash for adults - super mild on skin and feels great after use

Mike Jackson

Alternative for face wash when your regular face wash is out

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I enjoy this baby wash as an alternative for regular face wash, it's paraben-free and soap-free which is great for skin and not irritate or suck out all the moisture on the skin. Yes, it rinses really well within seconds. My boy and me really like this products - works great for both kids and adults

Huong Bui

Affordable price for a huge volume

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I got this product from my local grocery stores and my niece and nephew love it. They said they like the scent and it's usable as a body wash or shampoo. Especially, it does not irritate the eyes and they love it. It's a great price for a 1000ml volume. Definitely recommended

Joey J.

Good for sensitive skin

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My baby's skin reacts heavily with any dyes, and paraben products, so I am always looking for a mild, less chemical cleanser for her and glad I found this one on their Facebook page. The price is surprisingly decent for the quality and free shipping from a $150 order. I tried many brands and so far this brand does not disappoint me. My daughter's skin seems fine when I use this baby wash/ shampoo and does not give her skin any reactions. I am so excited to try other items in this product line.

Alicia R

magical product

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my baby fell asleep so fast and without wake up in the middle of the night. Love love love it

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