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Lindsey Peterson

convenient when bathing a newborn

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My friend recommends me this 2in1 conditioning shampoo and I give it a try. It saves a lot of time for me when bathing my newborn baby. I can also use it as a baby wash. It works great in both situations and the good thing about this product is it does not make my baby cry when giving him a bath, lightly scented is another plus point. So far my newborn does not react to the products. Overall, great products

Linh Tran

Best 2in1 shampoo for baby

rate star

Excellent product as its advertised - Lightweight formula with paraben-free, does not harsh on sensitive, more fun for baby when it's coming to bathing time. Great buck for quality - convenient for mommy. Definitely recommend


mild shampoo for baby

rate star

I like trying different brands and I am glad I did try this out. The texture is thicker but it rinses off quickly. My baby seems not annoying by the scent or the texture of the shampoo. Save time and convenience for me during his bathing time. Would love to try other products.

Tanya Q.

Overall great product

rate star

Just like Johnson and Johnson. Smells the same, cleans the same, tear-free, and all-around great product! The only difference is this brand is much cheaper.

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